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Desparately seeking Cebuano

The Los Angeles Times reported that at about 5:20 P.M. on Tuesday March 4, 2003, a bomb concealed in a backpack exploded at the airport in Davao City, the second largest city in the Philippines. At least 23 people were reported dead, with more than 140 injured, and President Arroyo of the Philippines characterized the blast as a terrorist act. With the 13 hour time difference, it was then 4:20 A.M on the same date in Washington, DC. Twenty-four hours later, at 4:13 A.M. on March 5, participants in the Translingual Information Detection, Extraction and Summarization (TIDES) program [heilt sikkert ein underavdeling av Stargate Command, red.anm.] were notified that Cebuano had been chosen as the language of interest for a “surprise language” practice exercise that had been planned quite independently to begin on that date. … Results from the first 60 hours of the exercise are presented.

Frå ein tresiders artikkel som gir ein rask gjennomgang av korleis eit team av datalingvistar på under 60 timar utvikla eit system som søkjer tekster på språket cebuano frå engelske input-spørsmål.

This work has been supported in part by DARPA contract N660010028910.

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